Tomas Satoransky for Audi Magazine

Audi commissioned me in April to shoot portraits of the Washington Wizards’ full guard, Tomas Satoransky, along with his Audi Q7 for an editorial in the upcoming Spring/Summer edition of the car company’s own publication, Audi Magazine. Set to release in the NBA player’s home country, the Czech Republic, we planned a shoot in which a variety of lifestyle images that tell a story about Tomas’s life in his newly adopted city could be taken. 

Having to be extremely mobile but also knowing that I will require additional lighting to pack a punch into these portraits, I grabbed a Flashpoint Xplor 600 strobe and a 48 inch Glow EX Lock Parabolic Umbrella. The Xplor 600 strobe is a powerful battery operated system that has the speed, portability, and reliability needed for this type of shoot. After running through the plan with my assistant, we set out to meet Tomas at our first location in Washington, D.C.

Three shots were published; one in the table of contents and two centerfolds in the editorial.  Below are some notes on each shot that was used as well as a gallery of my favorite images taken during the shoot. 

Audi Magazine Spring/Summer 2019 Tearsheet

I used the Xplor 600 strobe on camera right to balance out the strong light coming from the sun in camera left.

In this image, my assistant hand held a strobe, pointing it towards the windshield from outside of the car. The light adds dimension to Tomas, but it’s tucked away to only get the short side of his face so that the light does not wash out the mood of the scene. The car wasn’t actually moving in this shot; motion blur was created in Adobe Photoshop during post production (and a sun flare was added for ambiance).

This is the only set that was naturally lit! We were driving towards another location and the road was temporarily blocked. While waiting, I noticed a stair case that seemed to have a great vantage point to get a scene. We pulled over and I asked Tomas to pretend to get in and out of the car as if he’s going somewhere (he’s a great actor by the way). 

Thanks so checking out the post. Here are my favorite images from the shoot. Let me know what you think and drop me a line! 

- Franz 

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